By dealing directly with dozens of lenders across Canada, we’re able to acquire the best mortgage rates possible– the high volume we receive allows us to use our commission to bring down your rate even lower, guaranteeing you will always receive the lowest rate possible!

Shop Your Own Mortgage has a simple and secure online process which aids in finding what’s right for you – and it can all be done within minutes in the comfort of your own home.


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With Shop Your Own Mortgage you have access to all the major banks and lenders in Canada. Rather than spending hours sifting through pages of lender promotions and spending valuable time meeting with countless lenders, our service gives you the information you need in an instant.

Our Zilla Guarantee promises the Lowest Rates Possible

Not only do we provide access to dozens of lenders competing for the best and lowest rates in Canada, but Shop Your Own Mortgage also takes part of the commissions we receive from the lender to buy down your rate an additional 20BPS (0.2%)!  We’re so confident in our low rates that if you somehow find a lower one, we’ll beat it AND give you $500 for your trouble.

The Zilla Online Security Guarantee

We’ve made a commitment to keep your personal information safe. The security technology and safeguards we’ve put in place to protect your privacy and the integrity of your information are at the same level as, or higher than many of the major financial institutions in Canada. Privacy and protection are our priority.


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Select a rate from a lender that works for you. Then simply enter your current mortgage details to receive your custom-made mortgage option.

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Explore our list of options and select an incentive that suits your needs or preference. You can decide between receiving 20BPS back on your mortgage or a combination of buying down the rate and cash-back.

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Simply submit your information through our online process and then get on with your day however you like. Our team of experts will review your application and contact you within hours.

Today's Rates

January 31, 2015 Rates

Lender Rate* With a 20 BPS Incentive Term
2.15% 1.99% 5yr Variable
2.20% *2.05% 5yr Variable
2.25% *2.15% 5yr Variable
2.25% *2.15% 5yr Variable
2.35% *2.25% 5yr Variable
2.40% *2.30% 5yr Variable
2.40% 2.20% 5yr Variable
2.40% 2.20% 5yr Variable
2.40% 2.20% 5yr Variable
2.45% 2.25% 5yr Variable
2.45% *2.35% 5yr Variable
2.50% 2.30% 5yr Variable
2.50% *2.40% 5yr Variable
2.74% *2.64% 5yr Fixed
2.89% 2.69% 5yr Fixed
2.89% 2.69% 5yr Fixed
2.89% *2.79% 5yr Fixed
2.89% 2.69% 5yr Fixed
2.89% *2.79% 5yr Fixed
2.94% *2.79% 5yr Fixed
2.94% 2.74% 5yr Fixed
2.94% 2.74% 5yr Fixed
2.94% 2.74% 5yr Fixed
2.99% 2.79% 5yr Fixed
3.09% *2.99% 5yr Fixed
3.09% *2.99% 5yr Fixed
3.20% 3.00% 5yr Variable
3.49% 3.29% 5yr Fixed
n/a% n/a% 5yr Variable
n/a% n/a% 5yr Fixed
*On approved credit. The variable rate mortgage is based on the Bank of Canada's current prime rate of 3%.